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Cool Things

| May 05, 2015

We sure do live in a cool time.  Want to travel a quarter of the way around the globe?  No worries!  You can do it in less than a day.  Want to communicate in full audio and video with someone that's the same distance away without leaving your home?  No problem!  You can do it from your phone, or a tablet, or a watch, or a computer, or a television.  We get to spend $10-20 on a movie ticket to see something that cost millions and millions of dollars to make.  Experiencing different cultures' foods and entertainment can happen without any true inconvenience.  And right now, it's Spring, so life is popping up out from the cold clutches of Winter - baby ducklings, tulips and daffodils, flowers and leaves on trees. 

And with everything that drives us forward into a state of greater technological improvement, I'm amazed at how the studies of our own brains seem to be so far behind.  The more time I spend with the numbers of this business, the more I realize how little the numbers really contribute to the day-to-day mindsets required to spend a little less and save a little more.  But this too, is cool, because you have the control to make real change in your life even if it's step-by-step.  Since something is better than nothing and since Rome wasn't built in a day, taking a step toward where you want to be in the future puts you on the road of life in good order.  Small steps add up to make big changes.  What step will you take today?