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J Cook Financial - Buffalo Grove, IL

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Jim Cook, CFP®

Founder & Financial Solutionizer
J. Cook Financial
Buffalo Grove, IL

(847) 276-7132

Jim Cook’s mission is to help inspire people to make beneficial changes in their financial lives through education, service, and guidance, all delivered in a cool manner. J. Cook Financial serves the Buffalo Grove and Chicago region community in all areas of financial planning, including wealth management, retirement plans, estate conservation, education planning, insurance coverage, and tax advantaged investing.

All of that started in the 5th grade, when Jim’s father sat him down with the USA Today Business section, a pad of paper, and a pencil, saying, “Pretend you have $10,000 and start using the newspaper to buy and sell stocks.” From that point going forward, learning about and participating in the amazing world of personal finance has been an important part of Jim’s life. While his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry honors Jim’s technical roots, his love of educating and knack for distilling complicated topics into simplified concepts using stories and analogies lends itself very well to helping people plan their financial futures.

In the financial services industry since 2010, Jim has focused his client-centric approach on comprehensive financial planning, helping people Plan the Cool Way.  Jim feels there is simply not enough quality educational support in the area of personal financial literacy readily available, so he works to help people better understand the role of money and planning as positive influences in our lives.

Jim’s hobbies include a pursuit of the culinary arts, learning about nature and space, playing games (video & board), composing music, playing his drum set, actively pursuing learning opportunities,  studying behavioral psychology, traveling to cool parts of the world, and photography.