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J Cook Financial - Buffalo Grove, IL

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How I Work

At J. Cook Financial, my mission is to help inspire people to make positive change in their financial lives through education, service, and guidance delivered in a cool manner. To do that, I start with a process to help people gain more financial clarity as they work toward their goals. And none of that can happen without taking some time up front to figure out a) are we a good fit for one another, b) can I help you on the journey toward your goals, and c) do you want my help as much as I want to help you? If those three elements line up, then I move into Phase One of the partnership. 

On the technical side, I like to think of myself as a financial GPS system. The first phase when coming up with a plan to go somewhere is to figure out where you are right now. This means taking some time to gather up all of the financial info necessary to come up with a solid “You Are Here” marker. From there, I move to Phase Two – Destinations. 

Like planning any trip with multiple stops, it’s important to know in which order these destinations need to be visited. Also, it’s critical to have an emergency plan to take care of emergency situations along the way. My work is to draw out the details around these destinations and help you prioritize all of the things that you want to accomplish in this great life. Once those priorities are becoming clearer, I can move to Phase Three – The Plan. 

When your Financial Plan is delivered, it will provide a comprehensive view of where you are, where you said you want to go, and possible ways to reach your goals. The plan is a living document – it will change over time as some destinations fall out of favor and others come into play. But for right now, this is the map of your financial future and I will use it to move to Phase Four – Implementation. 

With the plan pointing out opportunities and exposures, it’s time to implement the different parts and get a move on toward your destinations. While implementation may cover a range of products or services, this is the part where you take action to move forward financially. 

Phase Five is my review process. When you become a financial planning client, you get a full-access subscription to me for a year. If you have questions about anything, I want you to call. If something changes and I need to adjust the plan, let me know. If you would like a suggestion about where a nice restaurant may be, call about that, too – because I am committed to people who are committed to their future. 

Here’s what I do and who I work with.