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J Cook Financial - Buffalo Grove, IL

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What I Do

My mission is to deliver great planning wrapped in a cool experience. There are five main facets to that process. 

Listening – I need to know what your story is, where you want to go, where you don’t want to end up, and when you want to get there. To get all of that information drawn out and into a clear picture, it’s going to take a lot of questions and listening intently to your answers. Here’s how I work

Educating – You reach new places by learning new things. I feel that if you learn more about insurance, investment, education, retirement, and estate planning then you can make truly informed decisions about your future. 

Analyzing & Planning – When we put on our thinking caps and put our heads together, we go deep into the financial weeds. That’s the only way to get a realistic, comprehensive financial plan for you. 

Implementing – Here’s where the rubber hits the road as I implement the different stages of your carefully orchestrated plan. This is where money starts to move, accounts are established or modified, and your plan starts to become a reality. 

Communicating – The relationships that I develop with my clients stem from a genuine interest in helping them succeed to the best of my ability. And that means ongoing communication in both directions. I know that with any partnership, communicating is a key. It helps me to provide great service. It helps to keep my clients on track. And it most certainly helps to make the whole thing a cool experience.