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J Cook Financial - Buffalo Grove, IL

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Who I Work With

At J. Cook Financial, I know that what I do isn’t a fit for everyone out there. Here are the different kinds of people I usually work best with… 

  • If you find yourself saying, “I really should be taking a look at my finances,” but your busy life prevents you from taking a hard look and the necessary steps to move forward month after month, then you might fit as a client. I help people take care of the important things without spending crazy amounts of their hours doing it. 
  • Do you know how it can be very confusing with all of the information that’s out on the Internet to find personalized advice from a trusted source? Well, if you know that you need a professional to help cut through the clutter with refreshingly honest advice, then you might fit as a client. I help people find financial clarity through refreshing honesty. 
  • Are your finances organized kind of like a junk drawer instead of in an orderly fashion? Does the thought of dealing with your finances stress you out? Are you ready to make a real effort to change this situation? If so, you might fit as a client. I help people organize their finances so they can go enjoy the rest of their busy lives. 
  • Do you find yourself confident with your financial choices, but still wondering if you’re operating in the most efficient manner? I welcome analytical people to consider becoming one of my clients. After all, that’s my background, so I can speak your language as I plan together for great efficiency with everyone still having a good time along the way.

Here are some examples of people that I don’t work best with… 

  • Are you an extreme do-it-yourselfer who is going to confidently stride down your road regardless where it may be headed? That’s likely not a good fit, because I work with people in the capacity of a trusted advisor and my clients respect me and my advice. 

  • Do you want your financial planning experience to be like doing your own taxes? Or do you want a planner that can’t talk about fun stuff like food, wine, movies, travel and different cultures? Sorry – not a good fit. I believe the planning process can be cool and exciting instead of boring and stuffy. 

Here’s how I work and what I do.